About US

Who We Are?
 We are a small boutique shop, where we create handcrafted, stylish accessories for dogs and cats. We are specialised in dog collars, bow ties, leashes, pet toys and small accessories specially created for dog lovers.
Sushi (3 years old chihuahua) is part of our team and she's working very hard on straightening our brand. You can follow her adventures at @the_candy_dog.
She's also in charge of making sure the every product is of it's highest quality before being sent out.
We handcraft our products in South Africa. We are small, but growing business and all our products are made by ourselves. Our goal is to provide unique, high quality, fashionable pet accessories to fit you and your pooch's personal style. 


We care about the environment.


We use only 100% recycled fibre for our toys and beds, our collars and bandanas are made from natural fabrics wherever possible. We also donate unsold/out of season products to rescue shelters across South Africa. 


Every Order Helps a Shelter Dog


Every time you purchase a product from The Candy Dogs, you're helping pet rescue shelters across South Africa. Every month we are donating 10% of our profit to dogs, cats and other animals that need your help.


From The Founder


I started The Candy Dogs simply out of love I have  for dogs. Back then, which seem like yesterday, my partner and I lived in United Kingdom and I was working full time as a restaurant manager. As my side hobby I started creating small dog collars and bow ties for my new puppy, Sushi. We received so many complements while at the dog parks and small dog events that I started to think about taking my small hobby public. 

We moved to South Africa in December 2018 and while there are many things we miss about UK, we are excited to explore what Cape Town has to offer. I took this new adventure also as an opportunity to concentrate more on my hobby and turn it in to a business. I started small by selling our products at craft markets across Cape Town. I never dreamed my business would grow so much and be where I am today, thanks to our wonderful customers!  

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Agnieszka & Sushi