Dog Walking Essentials

Dog Walking Essentials

It's been proven that regular, daily walks with your dog increases energy, reducing stress, improves your mental and physical health and whats most important help to create that real bond between you and your pooch! Regular walks are extremely important for your dogs behavioral development and his social skills. Just like a child, your dog wants to get know the world and if you won`t provide that experience, he will most likely get bored, which could lead to destructive behavior issues. 

New to dog walking? Here are a few things to consider before you take your furry friend for his small adventure.


Collar or Harness?

Each of these two dog walking essentials has its own fans. The collar is generally easy to put on and comes with so many different designs and colors, plus you can attach a little tag to it in case your pooch will get lost. Harnesses on the other hand give that extra comfort for your dog, especially for the ones that have a tendency for pulling. When that happens, the force is then spread across your dog chest and back rather than just around his neck, which could be painful for your dog and over the longer period of time might cause injury. Regardless which product you choose, be sure to get the right size and opt for a comfortable and non allergic fabric option.





A comfortable and good quality leash is the most basic essential when it comes to walking your dog. Depending on your dog needs you can go for a standard type of dog leash, which are used generally for daily walks and basic training. They measure usually between 4 and 8 feet and are made from various materials like cotton, nylon, leather etc. Keep in mind that the length of this type of leash should allow your pooch plenty of space to be able to move around but also short enough so that you feel fully in control of your dog.

Retractable leashes are the second choice. Their mechanism is similar to a measuring tape and can extend their length up to about 30 feet (depending on brand). They are usually more suitable for smaller dogs and allow your pooch to have a lot more freedom comparing to a standard dog leash. Its important to mention here that those type of leashes train your dog to pull on the leash. If that's not what you would like your dog to do, it might be best to use this type of leash only occasionally (in the places where the dog walking further away from you wouldn't cause any risk) and stick to the standard one for daily usual walks (for example near busy roads or around large groups of people). 


Waste Bag Holder
Walking your dog has its less pleasant side too, which is cleaning up poop. This, not the most pleasant task does not have to be difficult as long as you equip yourself with the right dog walking essentials. A durable poop bag and ideally a good quality poop bag holder that you could easily attach to your leash or trousers is a must for every dog walker. When it comes to waste bags, we would recommend to choose greener options with a like of compostable bags. Most plastic poop bags might create short-term fix for us but at the same time it creates terrible long-term implications for the environment. Compostable, biodegradable waste bags should always be our number one choice.
Toys and Gadgets
If you want to add extra fun for you and your pooch to your daily walks its always handy to invest in a toy or a gadget that you could easily take with you. The most popular one are balls and frisbees. They are perfect for walks on the beach and in the park and will keep your pooch more active throughout the walk. 
If you are planning to walk your dog during the evening, then a reflective tag or collar might help you to keep an eye on your little friend.  

 Water Dispenser / Treat Holder


If you are planning on taking your dog for a long hike you might need to consider taking with you a dog water bottle and some treats. Most dog water bottles have a built in dispenser, which allows your pet to drink straight from the bottle. This makes the trip a lot easier and eliminates the need to carry an extra bowl with you.  



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